In my free time, I occasionally play (both as player and game master) Dungeons and Dragons, Adventures in Middle-earth or other role playing games. I also enjoy the Pokémon franchise, the Zelda series, most things made by Introversion Software, Smash Up, Minecraft, and some other games.

After babbling BASIC on my CASIO graph 65, I learned OCaml. I consider it my main programming language. I am also proficient in Python, Javascript, and Scala. I have also been in contact with Scheme, Haskell and C. Most of my public software contributions are on Github and on Gitlab.

I speak French and English. I started learning Chinese and Toki Pona although I am not proficient in either.



I work on the Tezos project. Checkout my CV for more information.


I worked as a freelance software developer and technical writer.

I was working for Cambridge Spark and Cambridge Coding Academy as a software developer and a course developer. I wrote software to write, review, edit, publish, and deliver courses; I wrote, reviewed, edited, published, and delivered courses about software.

I was a Ph.D. student at the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge under supervision of Alan Mycroft. My thesis explored the use of compile-time memory management in the context of system programming: replacing garbage collectors by a compilation pass in order to be friendly to system programmers.

I was a student of Magdalene College and was involved in the MCR committee (first as Social officer, then as Secretary, then as President and finally as Consultant).


I use Archlinux, suckless tools, vim, acme, and other things.

I have a Github account, a Gitlab account, and a page on the website of the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge. I have homonyms – but no accounts – on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.