I speak French and English. I started learning Chinese and Toki Pona although I am not proficient in either.

In my free time, I occasionally play (both as player and game master) Dungeons and Dragons, Adventures in Middle-earth or other role playing games. I also enjoy the Pokémon franchise, the Zelda series, most things made by Introversion Software, and some other games.

After babbling BASIC on my CASIO graph 65, I learned OCaml. I consider it my main programming language. I have also been in contact with Javascript, Python, Scheme, Haskell and C. Most of my public software contributions are on Github.

Work and studies


I am working for Cambridge Spark and Cambridge Coding Academy as a software developer and a course developer. I write software to write, review, edit, publish, and deliver courses; I write, review, edit, publish, and deliver courses about software.


I was a Ph.D. student at the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge under supervision of Alan Mycroft. My thesis explored the use of compile-time memory management in the context of system programming: replacing garbage collectors by a compilation pass in order to be friendly to system programmers.

I was a student of Magdalene college and was involved in the MCR committee (first as Social officer, then as Secretary, then as President and finally as Consultant).

I was an intern at the Gallium team at INRIA, working on intermediate representations for compilers (especially functional ones such as CPS and ANF) under supervision by Xavier Leroy.

I was a student at the ÉNS Cachan (more specifically at its Brittany extension) in Computer Science.

I was an intern at the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge. The internship featured different aspects of the Mirage project (notably the use of linear types for efficiency and functional reactive programming for dynamic reconfiguration) and was supervised by Anil Madhavapeddy and hosted by Jon Crowcroft.

I was a student at Paris 7 Denis Diderot University in both Computer Science and Mathematics.

I was a student at Lycée de Kerichen in Classes Préparatoires au Grandes Écoles.


I use Archlinux, suckless tools, vim, acme, vimperator, and other things.